All About E Hookah

I’ve done a ton of reading on e hookahs and I’ve come across a blog that is all about e hookah pens. The blog link is:

The blog is extremely informative and  explains what e hookahs are, the safety of them, it’s composition, etc… They also include many great deals and is updated pretty frequently. They have a ton of tips on how to use them as well and reviews so that you can make a better decision on your next e hookah purchase.

When it comes down to e hookahs, I prefer to purchase something that is more cost effective. That means a pen that will cost me less money and has a lot more puffs. The blog writer lead me to a deal that costs $19.95 for 5 pens with each pen yielding 800 puffs. Prior to that, I was paying slightly more for pens that came with 300 less puffs. That was a bummer.

I will still be posting deals occasionally. I will look out for disposable e hookah deals and deals for atomizers such as Atmos and other smoking accessories.



Cheapest Fantasia E Hookah Pens – 50% Off MSRP

Another amazing deal found on eBay. Fantasia e hookah pens are one of my favorites among the many options available on the market for e hookah pens. What I love about them are their unique flavors, 800 puffs (which is above standard), their premium design and packaging, and great taste. However, Fantasia e hookah pens can get quite expensive.

MSRP each pen: $15.00

MSRP 7 pens: $105.00

Deal price: $54.95 + Free Expedited Shipping + No  Tax —- $7.85 per pen shipped

So the price is about half off which is amazing. You will never find Fantasia pens at this price again!


Fantasia E Hookah Pens - 7 Pens for $54.95

Fantasia E Hookah Pens – 7 Pens for $54.95


I’ve seen all kinds of e hookah deals out there, but most consumers elect to pay $10 a pen anyway. That might seem fair when you compare it to the price of an e cigarette, a pack of cigarettes, or maybe an hour at the hookah lounge. 

However, for e hookah, you need to compare them to e hookah prices and $10/pen is expensive. 

Here’s a great deal for 5 hookah pens for $22.95, that’s less than $5.00 a pen! So you’re already paying less than half the price you usually do. But wait hold on! If you purchase 3 sets, you get the 4th one free (an additional 5 pens!!!).


Best e hookah deal

E Hookah Deal – Buy a set of 5 pens for $22.95, buy 3 sets and get the 4th free! Free shipping included in price.

You still get 800 puffs from each one of these pens which is 300 more than most that are on the market already. You get 5 different flavors to switch it up with. Free shipping is already included in the price and there is NO tax! Great bold taste in each pen.